What is WaxOyling?

What is WaxOyling and what do we do?

All vehicles will go through a similar process from start to finish, depending on your vehicle.

Here at Wax Oil Me we only use genuine ‘The Original’ Hammerite WaxOyl (black)


Initial Preparation:

All vehicles will undergo some initial prep work by us. This will involve a in depth chassis and under-body rub down. In doing this we endeavour to remove all those loose bits of rust, grit and muck, allowing for a more effective application of WaxOyl.

Please note we do not pressure wash the undersides of vehicles, this is to avoid trapping water in all those nooks and crannies.


Please do not bring your vehicle to us covered in mud and muck on the underside, we will not be able to apply the WaxOyl as required, as we do not provide a washing service.

Once the underside is prepared.. Let the WaxOyling begin! Using compressed air spray system we will from under the vehicle in a lit and powered pit apply the WaxOyl to all those tricky and hard to reach areas.


Standard under vehicle WaxOyl:

On all ladder chassis vehicles, such as Land Rovers the WaxOyl will be applied to the major chassis components and frame rails.

If you would like any of the body tub underside WaxOyling too please ask for a quote.

On uni-body and monocoque vehicles the WaxOyl will be applied to the entire accessible floor-plan.


Any additional areas such as wheel arches will be subject to further costs depending on your request. Please go to the costings page for a full breakdown, or contact us.

What products do we use? We only use authentic Hammerite WaxOyl. This is an excellent product that we have used many times, it allows for extensive coverage and leaves an excellent finish.

Please note that in applying Hammerite WaxOyl products we can not offer any guarantee against future corrosion or rot. This is an application service only.

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